Benefits of Day Care For Your Child

Posted on: 21 February 2020

A child is a bundle of joy for any parent; however, there are responsibilities that come with having a baby crawling around the home. Working parents hardly have the time to take responsibility for their child's activities during the day. While hiring a nanny may be a viable option, there are many benefits of taking your child to day care.

Day Care Sets the Pace For Higher Education

Your child will eventually start attending school, and it is better for them to get used to not seeing you around sooner than later. If you take your child to a day care facility, the transition of leaving home for school will be much easier. Children who attend day care are better students in school than those who attend home-based care programs. One study concluded that kids who went through formal childcare programs demonstrated stronger math and reading skills compared to those who remained at home during their early childhood.

Regular routines

Young children learn about routines in day care, making them more conscious of how they spend their time. In day care facilities, children are subjected to different learning activities that include storytelling and singing. These activities help a child's intellectual development. The structured schedules for eating, playing and napping help shape the child's behaviour.

High Immune System

Children who are exposed to strains of colds and flu develop stronger immune systems. Children who miss day care are likely to get sick more often. According to one study, children who attended day care before age 3 got more ear and respiratory infections than those who stayed at home. Catching these infections early meant that the kids would not get them again when they entered elementary school.

Spending Time With Peers

While parents usually arrange play dates for their children, a child care facility is an improved version of this phenomenon. In a day care setting, children spend time with their peers under strict supervision. Together, the kids are taught how to share, solve problems and play while their minds are growing and their personalities are emerging.

Summing It Up

As a parent, it is natural to be over-protective of your child when it comes to handing them over to strangers at a day care centre. This is why many parents prefer handing over the care of their child to a relative or nanny as opposed to committing their children to a child care facility. However, the care providers at day care centres are trained to support the mental and physical development of your child. The benefits of child care centres are exhibited in terms of your child's confidence, independence, social skills, cognitive abilities and behaviour.