How Your Child Will Benefit From Arts And Enrichment Programs In Child Care

Posted on: 27 February 2020

One of the crucial considerations to keep in mind when choosing a child care centre for your young one is the quality of the curriculum offered. Reading and writing are integral elements of quality early childhood curriculum, but they are definitely not all that there should be to it.

As you narrow down your choices for a child care centre, consider one where arts and different types of enrichment programs are integrated into the curriculum. Why? Here are a few ways that such programs will benefit your child.

1.      Improved Motor Skills

As your child moves to the sound of the music, it will boost the development of both their small and large motor skills. Clapping their hands, tapping their little feet and moving their bodies to the beat will undoubtedly go a long way in helping your kids to develop their motor skills. The benefits stretch from developing basic movement skills to achieving perfect body coordination.

2.      Better Social Skills

Art programs encourage teamwork. The kids will need to work together, be it, for example, passing the art supplies such as paintbrushes. Participating in group activities will help in developing and improving the kids' social skills.

That these programs are generally a lot of fun is also a big plus. To be able to laugh together will help to encourage even the most introverted of kids in the child care centre to slowly come out of their shell and interact with the other kids.

3.      Promoting Fitness and Physical Wellness

Think about how many calories your kid will lose as they lose themselves dancing away to sweet music. There is also the critical matter of strengthening their growing bones and muscles.

These arts and enrichment programs at child care centres promote activity. And with an active couple of hours every day, you don't have to worry about weight control issues and other related problems.

4.      Boost In Energy Levels

These active programs will stimulate a boost in the kids' energy levels. Their bodies will have the fuel needed for other activities. The children's minds are also refreshed. The kids will be looking forward to these programs, and after the sessions, they'll have the energy and enthusiasm to get them through the rest of the day at the child care centre.

Quality child care focuses on meeting all your child's needs. As outlined, the benefits of arts and enrichment programs are all-encompassing and touch on your child's physical, mental, and emotional needs.

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