4 Tips to Choose the Best Childcare Centre for Your Child

Posted on: 11 August 2020

As a parent, staying at home to care for your children is not always a viable option. A childcare centre with properly trained staff can be a great solution for both you and your child. Childcare centres allow your child to socialise with others their age, learn new things, and is a great way to prepare them for a schooling environment. Utilizing a childcare centre also gives you the freedom and time to work. However, as a parent you want the best for your child and choosing the best childcare centre can be a challenge. Here are four tips to consider when choosing a centre for your child:

1. Registered and Licensed Centre

The safety of your child is the first priority. The Australian National Quality Framework requires childcare centres to be registered in their state. Each centre also has a National Quality Standard rating which rates each centre based on key areas such as health and safety, educational programs, relationships with children and more. When researching childcare centres for your child, ask the centres for their rating.

2. Educational Programs

Young children are like sponges; they learn fast and absorb the stimulus around them. In addition to caring for your children, make sure the centre has a structured, quality educational program in place. Ask the centres about how they encourage children to learn and grow and help them prepare for schooling life. Ask them what values they will instil into your child and how they'll form bonds with the children. 

3. Food and Drink Provided

Some childcare centres provide lunches and drinks for the children. It is important to be aware of what food is served and if it provides adequate nutrition, if they have strong hygiene practices and if they cater to special dietary requirements when relevant. You can also ask the centre for the weekly menus.

4. Convenience

The location and hours of the childcare centre should fit with your schedule. Do they operate during the days and hours you go to work? Is it easy to travel to? Are you able to visit your child at any point during the day? These answers will depend on your circumstances.

A childcare centre can deliver immense benefits for you and your child. However, it is important to choose the one that can meet your and your child's needs. It is also important to consider the convenience of the centre and whether the hours and location matches your needs to keep both you and your child happy. To learn more, visit a childcare centre near you.