Types of Child Care Options

Posted on: 15 September 2020

Many parents find choosing a daycare facility a daunting task. However, if you know where to look and what to consider, you can find a suitable child care facility. One of the things that will help you during your search is being able to discern which one will meet the needs of your child as they get ready to move on to kindergarten. Here are some of the main types of child care options to consider.

Home-Based Care

Many parents only trust their friends or relatives to babysit for them when they're not around. This is known as home-based care because it's conducted at the parent's home. Home-based care also extends to nannies and babysitters.

Parents may opt for home-based care when they either can't afford paid arrangements like nannies or long daycare centres. However, some parents opt for this sort of care, so their child gets personalised attention as they prepare for kindergarten. For occasional care, choose a babysitter—for example, if you want to run an errand. However, for longer hours, choose a nanny because they're better qualified and experienced than babysitters.

Long Daycare

Long daycare is based in an institution, and the care and education programs are centred around the interests and developmental needs of each child. These centres operate for the entire day, hence the name long daycare. These centres may also have kindergarten programs.

Choose a long daycare centre if you've got a full-time job. You can also opt for this facility if your child is old enough to attend daycare, and you want them to rip the benefits of attending a full-day child centre. Before choosing a long daycare centre, make sure to check how the care centre is rated on sites such as childcarefinder.gov.au. Opt for a centre that is well-rated.

Occasional Child Care Centres

Occasional child care facilities provide care to children for a short period. The good thing about these centres is that they care for kids who are under school age. A parent can opt for occasional care regularly or on a casual basis based on their schedules. These facilities may also be useful during an emergency or crisis.

Another benefit of this sort of care is that children get to leave the monotony of their homes to mingle with other children. This introduces them to child care at a tender age, even though it's temporary. It would help if you were keen on the environment and the staff in these centres to ensure you're leaving your child in safe surroundings and capable hands.